This is an example of a chat post format, which is a great way to liven up your company blog. Read more about them here and start using them with your Corporate site today.

The only difference between chat posts and standard posts are the fonts. You’ll notice that in blog, search, and archive views the font used to display these posts is Source Sans Pro, as opposed to the more commonly used Playfair Display throughout this theme.

George: (To Jane) You know, when I was a kid, I once found a dollar and fifty cents in change on the bottom of the pool.

Jane: (No feeling in her voice) You must’ve been excited.

George: Yeah. Hey, you know, I gotta go get these tomatoes. You wanna go for a ride?

Jane: I don’t think so.

Choosing Post Formats

Here’s a quick video demonstration that shows you how to pick post formats for each of your WordPress posts: