Greenland Consulting & Associates Projects

Collectively, we have successfully executed 100’s of multi-national projects spanning many industries and technologies, each with its own complexity, and scope.

Here is a sample of our projects:

Gas Plant Troubleshooting, Alberta, Canada

Performed gas plant troubleshooting, determined foulant, and developed process options for feed de-contamination including estimated capital and operating costs.

Bio Effluent Plant Scrubbers, Alberta, Canada

Provided engineering services for new biogas scrubbers, pipe bridge, stair tower, pumphouse, process equipment and related ancillaries, and foundations. A Bio Effluent Plant (BEP) converts part of pulp mill effluent into biogas. Scrubbers sweeten the biogas before it is combusted to generate electricity and steam.

Recycling Facility, Alberta, Canada

Provided guidance with the development and commercialization of a unique “green” technology pivotal in recycling waste and processing resources by converting hydrocarbon-rich feedstocks into valuable refined products.  The technology is capable of processing a variety of materials including waste tires, oilfield and spill response waste, municipal waste, coal, oil sand, oil shale rock, medical waste and biomass.  One of the product streams is a unique multi-component aromatic oil that contains high percentages of limonene, toluene and xylene.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) Consultancy, Texas, USA

Provided business development services, including guidance and preparation of technical proposals, for major international oil & gas companies.

Gas Processing Facility, British Columbia, Canada

Led preparation of pre-FEED, FEED and detailed engineering for the gas treating section of a 250 MMSCFD modularized facility with 19 process modules, over 2000 large bore pipe spools, and more than 40 structural modules. Amine based gas sweetening and TEG dehydration processes are employed to meet pipeline specifications.

SAGD Facility, Alberta, Canada

Led preparation of a pre-FEED study for a 10,000 bpd SAGD facility.  Project scope included: pads and gathering lines, utilities and offsites, and central processing facility consisting of: oil treatment, water de-oiling, water treatment, steam generation and gas treatment.