Our Approach

Greenland Consulting is a professional engineering consultancy serving the energy and resource sectors. Our senior consultants strive for industry-leading project execution, engineering, construction management, and environmental excellence.  We deliver innovative, practical, and cost effective solutions tailored to meet our client’s needs.

Our Story

Our team came together with a common passion; we love engineering and technology. There is no better way for us to express our creativity than to build new innovative projects together.

Our Team

We deliver successful projects by quickly adapting to our clients’ needs, which includes selecting the right team of specialists.


Leadership and Select Consultants

Bill Greenland, P.Eng.
Bill has a degree in mechanical engineering and 25+ years in leadership roles working for major clients in many industries including:  technology development, renewable energy, thermal heavy oil, gas processing, oil sands mining, petroleum refining, pulp and paper, and mineral processing.

Bill is an outdoors enthusiast and enjoys camping and exploring the backcountry at every opportunity.
Gerald Bruce, P.Eng.
Process Consultant

Gerald is a Chemical Engineer with extensive experience in oil refining, bitumen upgrading, and process technology development.  His 25+ years of broad experience in the downstream business has included concept development and implementation of new technologies, grounded by front line refinery experience. 
Gerald is the past president of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA), past president of the Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association (CCQTA), and continues on the board as treasurer.
Gerald continues his enjoyment of running, cycling, and skiing year round.
Phil Ponka, P.Eng.
Mechanical & Industrial Ventilation

Phil has 25+ years of experience in the design and engineering of specialty industrial mechanical equipment and systems.  He is an internationally recognized expert with chemical emissions management and dust containment equipment including enclosures, air curtain systems, scrubbers, absorbers, bag houses, electrostatic precipitators, concentrators, and thermal oxidizers.  Phil has experience in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. 

In his spare time, he is running or biking to stay strong.
Gordon Burfitt, P.Eng.
Construction Management

Gordon has a degree in engineering and has completed multiple post-grad project management courses. He is trained in construction management, with 25+ years of experience including home office CM execution planning, constructability reviews and contracting strategy through to on-site management of construction. Gordon has held international managerial positions at petrochemical plants, ore processing facilities, hydroelectric & thermal power, oil sands facilities, agricultural facilities, gas processing plants, and a variety of small oil & natural gas projects with associated pipelines.
Greg Romaniszyn, P.Eng.
Project Management  

For 25+ years Greg has successfully managed complex grass-root projects, of up to $0.5 billion, for key multinationals.
He re-built a chemical plant after major explosion and has de-bottlenecked and expanded existing mineral processing plants. 

Greg engineered, troubleshot, and maintained operation of high capacity bulk materials handling systems (coal, lignite, iron ore, sulphur, oil sands ore, etc.) in open pit mines and sea terminals in Europe and Canada.

Greg enjoys sailing, cross-country skiing, history, and classical music.
Steve Olds
Project Execution Specialist

A proven leader with 25+ years experience including concept planning through turnover to operations after commissioning and startup.  Industry experience includes: oil and gas, mining and metals, iron and steel, chemical plants, water and waste treatment.  Major international projects executed with multi-office design, worldwide procurement of equipment and fabrication, modularized design to minimize site construction hours.  Development of contracting strategies to promote on time and on budget completion, with all parties working together to achieve a successful project.  International design and construction experience includes: USA, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Peru, and the Middle East.
Steve enjoys travel with family and friends, time with our grandkids, and golf.
Ray Eng, AT
Multi-Discipline 3D Design Specialist

Graduated from Architectural Technologies at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and has assumed many conceptual design and detailed design lead roles in the oil, gas, and produced water industries. He has 20 years experience in manufacturing and fabrication and strong understanding of industrial machinery Ray brings a unique set of design skills to any team.
Ray enjoys his time off with hand drawing and digital art, and also enjoys building miniature plastic vehicle models.
Jack Bao, P.Eng.
Piping Consultant

Jack has 17+ years of experience in piping/mechanical engineering. He has extensive experience in heavy oil, gas plants, SAGD, power plants, pump stations, natural gas compressor stations, including underground pipeline stress analysis, water hammer analysis, and transient control.

Jack enjoys music, movies, and sports.
Ryan Legary, P.Eng.
Civil and Environment Consultant
Ryan has a degree in civil engineering and has 25+ years experience providing leadership for design, regulatory approvals and construction related work in oil sands, mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, wood industry, hydropower, water resources, alternative/renewable energy and other primary resource industries.
Ryan is committed to his family and enjoys hiking, running, swimming, and biking.
Ash Oak, M.Sc., P. Eng.
Hydraulics Consultant

Ash holds an M.Sc. degree in Hydraulic Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, followed by over 23 yrs experience in hydraulic analysis & design of commercial-scale slurry & water pipeline systems in mining & oil sands Industries
Some of these systems include: hydro-transport and tailings pipeline systems, Froth pipeline systems, and open channel slurry flow systems.
Some key oil sands projects include: Aurora, Albian Sands, Fort Hills, Horizon, TRO, as well as Syncrude & Suncor base plants. Some of these slurry pipeline systems feature the largest slurry pumps in the world, as well as the largest flow rates for these types of slurries/compositions.
During his work in oil sands, Ash has coordinated several confidential studies at the Saskatchewan Research Council for evaluation of slurry rheology, deposition velocity, and hydraulics scale-up parameters. Ash also provided hydraulics field support during start-ups of two major oil sands plants (Aurora and Albian Sands).
In 2013/2014, his team won two prestigious awards for Suncor’s multi-billion dollar Tailings Reductions Operations project, where Ash was cited by top Suncor Management for his hydraulics expertise.