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Senior consultants serving energy and resource sectors, passionate about what we do and wanting to give back. We deliver innovative, practical solutions tailored to meet our client's needs.

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Recent Greenland Consulting Corp. and associates projects:

Confidential Client, Alberta, Canada
By executing an energy management program, the client made significant improvements in energy efficiency and operating costs reduction.  Our energy management specialist led the effort in developing a roadmap to achieve and exceed the targets established by the client. This roadmap included operational improvements across the spectrum of plant facilities; short-term and longer-term capital projects to increase plant performance and output, and evaluation and potential application of new technologies that would further reduce energy consumption, GHG emissions and operating costs.

Fulcrum Environmental Solutions, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Greenland Consulting Corp. provided guidance with the development and commercialization of a unique “green” technology pivotal in recycling waste and processing resources by converting hydrocarbon-rich feedstocks into valuable refined products.  The technology is capable of processing a variety of materials including waste tires, oilfield and spill response waste, municipal waste, coal, oil sand, oil shale rock, medical waste and biomass.  One of the product streams is a unique multi-component aromatic oil that contains high percentages of limonene, toluene and xylene.