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•  Gas and NGL processing
•  Thermal heavy oil processing, incl. SAGD
•  Conventional oil processing
•  Oil sands mining
•  Mineral processing
•  Petrochemicals and chemicals
•  Power generation
•  Upgrading and refining

•  Business and operational performance
•  Plant performance and optimization
•  Troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking
•  OPEX and emissions
•  Water and energy intensity
•  Operability, maintainability and reliability
•  Start-up, commissioning and training
•  Health, safety, environment and quality
•  Policies, plans and procedures


•  Project management
•  Strategy and risk management
•  Planning and schedule mitigation
•  Economic analysis
•  Validation
•  Construction management
•  Constructability
•  Modularization
•  Gas, petroleum and chemical processing
•  Conventional and heavy oil processing incl. SAGD
•  Oil sands mining
•  Mineral processing
•  Steam and power generation
•  Water treatment
•  Opportunity identification and evaluation
•  Development and commercialization

•  Project management
•  Risk assessments and mitigation
•  Incident investigations
•  Cold eyes reviews, situation appraisal and troubleshooting
•  Brainstorming, problem solving and decision making
•  SWOT, KT, root cause, and cost benefit analysis
•  Time management

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